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Graham Edwards Livestock Trailers Have Arrived

Redcap Towing Centre are proud to announce that they have joined forces with Graham Edwards Trailers to become their newest distributor of livestock trailers.

Already in stock we have the SP74S at £1550 plus VAT

This is a 7'x4' 750kg gross unbraked single axle Sheep & Pig trailer.

The SP74S comes with,

  • Extended Tail Ramp

  • Detachable Canopy

  • Fixed Front Vent

  • Alloy Tread Plate Floor

  • LED Front Marker Lamps

  • Loading Gates

Optional extras include,

  • Spare Wheel

  • Light Options

We also stock the SP64S which is the 6'x4' version of the SP74S.

Coming into stock soon will be a selection of Cattle trailers and Quad Off Road trailers.

If you have any questions feel free to call us on 01254675522.


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