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Trailer Servicing By Redcap Towing Centre from £45

Many people are unaware that in the under UK law a trailer is no different to your tow car, whilst Trailers are not yet subject to MOT’s in the UK they are required  by law to be roadworthy.

Many Police forces and the DVSA are now actively stopping trailers to check their roadworthiness and are issuing points as well as fines, so don’t get caught out and run the risk of points on your licence - book your service to avoid this happening.

Services start at only £45 for unbraked trailers and £95 for braked trailers . A service includes checking Brakes, Bearings, Lights, Jockey Wheel, Coupling , Tyres, all Moving Mechanical Parts .. and much more , customers receive a full service sheet detailing all work carried out.

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